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FalconEye Ventures

FalconEye Ventures is an innovative real estate acquisition and development company that seamlessly integrates technology. By combining the expertise of real estate professionals with cutting-edge advancements, they create transformative and sustainable projects. Through data analytics, AI, and automation, FalconEye Ventures stays ahead of market trends and delivers exceptional results. They strategically acquire properties across various asset classes and develop vibrant, energy-efficient spaces. FalconEye Ventures redefines the future of real estate by driving innovation, sustainability, and transformative growth.

Our Founder
"George Kurtz"
George Kurtz, Founder & CEO

Mr. Kurtz is the Founder & CEO of FalconEye Ventures.  He is closely involved in the strategy and execution of FEV’s investment platform, which acquires and manages real estate across strategies and asset classes, including multifamily, retail, hospitality, industrial, and other specialty asset classes. He also leads all of FEV’s venture capital activities.


Mr. Kurtz is a serial entrepreneur, having started Foundstone, one of the first dedicated security consulting companies. After selling Foundstone to McAfee, Mr. Kurtz co-founded Crowdstrike (Nasdaq: CRWD), successfully taking the company public in 2019. He is widely considered by his peers to be the Father of Cloud Security. 


Mr. Kurtz has been and continues to be involved with and support many not-for-profit organizations and charities.   

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